Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Affects after World War 1

After the war the soldier’s whole lives were changed. They were changed in many ways through all the trauma they went through going to war. Today many soldiers’ lives are similarly messed up like they were back in World War 1.

It not only affects the soldier but there whole family. Because deaths affected everyone .World War 1 killed around 20 million people. Death has always been the biggest affect from the war. Not only soldiers but it also affected civilians. Most of the soldiers that survived the war ended up having shell shock. Shell shock had a huge affect on the soldiers going home after the war especially since it was hard to adapt to there old lives. Going to the war they were trained to be killers and there heads had been screwed up.

So because they had adapted to the army they couldn’t have the ability to find other jobs. The war also left many wounded soldiers. In 1917 just about 5.5 million soldiers had been wounded, killed or taken prisoner. Around 8.5 millions soldiers died in the war. In addition 21 million were wounded. The war caused countless deaths of civilians by the way of starvation disease, and slaughter. It was a tragedy. Not only that but there was a major economic impact on Europe, the cost of the war was at the hundreds of billions. The war also had destroyed tons of acres of farmland, villages and towers.

Allot of people came out of that war with terrible injuries, not only physically but mentally. Belief in progress and reason were wide spread prior to World War 1. After the war liberal democratic gradualism was not working. Mostly all of the people in that war were in the working class. All those working people were the people getting butchered. The myth of progress gave way to the age of revolution.

In 1919 after the World War 1 returning vets and other working people were united to take power in Russia and other European countries and actually took state power from the bourgeoisie. The upper classes of all imperialist nations in 1919 joined to try and strangle the infant communism in its cradle.

Returning vets suffered many life long injuries as well as shell shock which is today called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D). Whole generations in many countries were taken. Returning vets had difficulty finding employment. Some 20 million people died in WW1. The overwhelming majority were workers. The workers no longer believed the propaganda of the ruling class. In the age of revolution the international capitalist system was being challenged like never before by the working class globally.